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By A.N. McMahon, LMHC

5 Life-Changing Habits To Transform Your Mental Health

As the saying goes, “If you keep a habit, sooner or later it can feel like a part of you.” For parents — especially those supporting their children through distinct challenges — self-care is vital to maintaining the health of the family. Fortunately, you can transform your mental health with 5 surprisingly simple habits.  Start small, […]

14 Unexpected Ways to Boost Your Mental Health Now

Practicing good mental health doesn’t always mean a lengthy list of “shoulds” and “should nots.” You can boost your mental health right now through activities you want to do. Here are 14 research-backed ways to boost mental health (for adults or kids) that may surprise you: Have fun playfully boosting your spirits! We wish you […]

By By Alexis Ecoff, LMFT

Xboxes and PlayStations: The World Through The Lens Of Neurodivergence

“Think of it like comparing an Xbox and a PlayStation,” neurodiversity advocate Ethan Lisi says in a TED Talk. “They’re both highly capable consoles with different programming. But if you put your Xbox game in a PlayStation, it won’t work, because the PlayStation communicates differently.” Sometimes, the world can feel like that to a neurodivergent […]

By Alexis Ecoff, FSP Clinical Director, LMFT

The Power of Play

5 reasons play therapy helps neurodivergent children thrive For neurodivergent children, verbal communication and social cues may feel unnatural — and that can make traditional therapies difficult or uncomfortable. Enter play. This intuitive language of childhood — a language of exploration, expression, and making sense of the world — becomes an accessible connection point. By […]