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Virtual Neuropsychological Evaluations

Virtual diagnostic evaluations!
Our prompt evaluations put you on track to access resources that help your child thrive.

We currently assess children ages 16 months to 12 years.
No pediatrician referral is needed.

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How it Works?

01 Schedule

Provide brief information about your child to get started. A member of our team will call you to confirm your appointment and provide you with additional information.


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A member of our team will call you to confirm your appointment and provide you with additional information.


02 Evaluation

This process spans 3* virtual appointments, each lasting approximately 60 minutes:

  • The initial appointment does not require your child to be present. You will meet with our psychologist for an in-depth clinical interview regarding your child’s strengths, needs, and overall development.
  • The second appointment includes and your child. The psychologist will guide you
    through structured and unstructured activities, as well as follow-up questionnaires.
  • Your third appointment is a feedback session to review the findings of your child’s evaluations and discuss recommendations.
* Our evaluation process is highly individualized. Based on the unique needs of your child, your psychologist may require additional appointments.

03 Results

What happens after my child’s evaluation:

Within approximately 10 working days, you will receive a written diagnostic evaluation report completed by our psychologist. This report details the results, a summary of findings, diagnosis (if applicable), and recommendations. Your psychologist will also work with you to provide applicable resources to support the growth and development of your childYour psychologist also will suggest resources to support your child’s growth and development.

Who we are?

Who we are?

Our virtual diagnostic clinic is led by licensed psychologists, supported by a team of multidisciplinary experts. With an individualized and strengths-based approach to evaluations, our team brings families insights and recommendations that support a child’s long-term growth and success.

Payment options

Pariva team members guide families through this process prior to evaluation appointments.

We accept most health insurance plans; private-pay clients can discuss rates during the initial scheduling phone call.