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Author: Prithvi Singh

By A.N. McMahon, LMHC

5 Life-Changing Habits To Transform Your Mental Health

As the saying goes, “If you keep a habit, sooner or later it can feel like a part of you.” For parents — especially those supporting their children through distinct challenges — self-care is vital to maintaining the health of the family. Fortunately, you can transform your mental health with 5 surprisingly simple habits.  Start small, […]

14 Unexpected Ways to Boost Your Mental Health Now

Practicing good mental health doesn’t always mean a lengthy list of “shoulds” and “should nots.” You can boost your mental health right now through activities you want to do. Here are 14 research-backed ways to boost mental health (for adults or kids) that may surprise you: Have fun playfully boosting your spirits! We wish you […]

By By Alexis Ecoff, LMFT

Xboxes and PlayStations: The World Through The Lens Of Neurodivergence

“Think of it like comparing an Xbox and a PlayStation,” neurodiversity advocate Ethan Lisi says in a TED Talk. “They’re both highly capable consoles with different programming. But if you put your Xbox game in a PlayStation, it won’t work, because the PlayStation communicates differently.” Sometimes, the world can feel like that to a neurodivergent […]

By Dr. Carrie Fryzel, Psy.D.

Telehealth: A Powerful Ally To Diagnose, Treat Child Neurological Conditions

About 1 in 36 children has autism spectrum disorder, according to the latest CDC estimates. And the prevalence of a broad range of other neurological conditions in children continues to climb, other research shows.   That makes today’s delays in diagnoses and treatment particularly troubling. Not only is the need increasing amidst a health care labor […]