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Day: September 15, 2023

Understanding Anxiety in Neurodivergent Children

Anxiety’s like that puzzle you stare at, thinking it’s a simple square, only to realize it’s a multi-dimensional Rubik’s Cube. But fear not, we’re here to unravel some of those intricate patterns and give our exceptional kids the superhero support they deserve!  1. The Anxiety Kaleidoscope Anxiety’s not a one-flavor-fits-all ice cream cone, and that’s […]

Building Resilience in Neurodivergent Children

We’re diving deep into the realm of building super resilience in our unstoppable neurodivergent crew. Get ready to sprinkle some magic and unwrap the most epic guide to cultivating unbreakable spirits! 1. Embrace the Quirk-tactic Talents  Picture this: a talent show where everyone’s a superstar. Every kiddo, neurodivergent or not, has unique abilities. Whether it’s […]

The Role of Visual Supports in Learning 

Imagine if learning had a secret language that could unlock doors of understanding, independence, and confidence. Well, hold onto your wizard hats because visual supports are here to make that magic happen!  The Enchanted World of Visual Supports Visual supports are like the fairy godmothers of learning, waving their wands to transform complex ideas into […]